Railway Seat Availability in Indian Railways
14.07.2014 11:20

                                   Railway Seat Availability | Image Resource : static.skynetblogs.be

Train being the only cheapest way of conveyance in India, people mostly travel from one place to another in this locomotive. Therefore there is always a huge rush in getting train tickets for travelling to any part of India. As a result of this rush people often face problem regarding the railway seat availability.

Steps to Avoid Rush While Booking Tickets

Before making the reservations of the hotel, people look for the availability of train tickets when they are planning for any vacation. Because of the uncertainty of getting train tickets, it is better to settle this part first. Now checking the train tickets is easier due to the accessibility of the internet. You can check it from your house and don’t have to rush to the ticket counter.

Availability of tickets depends on the time of booking them. Usually you can book the tickets 2 months in advance and the chances of getting reservations are more if the tickets are booked in advance. Then you can get tickets in the train you want and also select the seat. Though there is a provision for booking tatkal tickets in case of emergency or if anyone do not have confirmed tickets, but you cannot be sure of getting confirmed tickets always.

Various travel agencies vow to the passengers with the availability of the train seats, but they charge a huge commission. But this can be done completely free of cost if the booking is either done from home or from the counter by the passenger himself.



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