Railway PNR Status Online Provides You the Status of Your Ticket within Minutes
19.03.2014 11:36

Railway PNR Status Online
Railway PNR Status Online | Image Resource : irctc-pnrstatus.in


PNR number is an important number that is needed for all your dealings with the railways. You get this number when you book tickets in Indian Railways by giving all your details. It is seen on the top left corner of your ticket and is a 10 digit number, which is unique to every ticket. You need the number to check railway PNR status online and also to cancel your ticket. For other enquiries on tickets also you need the PNR number. The PNR number never changes even if the status of your ticket is changed or if any modifications are made on your ticket.

Passengers in RAC and waiting have to check the status of their tickets regularly and note if their ticket has got confirmed or not. If enough cancellations are made, you will get the ticket confirmed. Even if the ticket is not confirmed, passengers with tickets in RAC get a seat to sit and travel and they are allowed to travel in reserved coaches. Usually a lot of cancellations take place and many passengers in RAC get a confirmed ticket by the time they board the train.

Checking of railway PNR status online is possible on the website of IRCTC and also on other travel and tourism websites dealing with train ticket booking. other than online checking there are also other methods to check the PNR status of your ticket, like enquiring at the railway station, by calling at the call centers that function 24 hours a day and by sending an SMS to the number 139 from your mobile phone.


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