Leh Travel Packages : A Dream Destination!
20.05.2014 12:54

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Leh is a beautiful destination in Ladakh! It is a small town yet the second largest district in the country. It is situated between the majestic Himalayas and the picturesque state of Jammu and Kashmir. Leh is a treasure of natural resources and rich culture and a dream destination for adventure enthusiasts. The Himalayan mountains, Buddhist monasteries, traditional folk dances and songs add colour to this land. The people are warm and friendly. The cuisine includes fresh herbs of the region.  

Leh Ladakh was a commerce and trade route of silk, salt, and semi precious stones. The monasteries attract many people from around the world for a time of peace and solitude. Backpackers are drawn to the natural beauty of the place. Sitting by the lakeside, time flies by as Leh is a feast for the eyes. Leh Travel Packages are ideal for families and groups and offer good discounts. While here pick up some hand woven bags. Jewellery, prayer beads and souvenirs.

Quaint little cafes are found around town. Cosy up to your loved one with a hot cup of coffee or tea, cookies, cakes and snacks with a splendid view of the mountains! The hotels are built in Ladakhi style and serves mouth watering cuisines. The rooms have wooden flooring and essential amenities. Cultural shows and bonfire evenings are arranged by some hotels.  Leh Travel Packages are designed to suit the traveller and don’t compromise on quality and service. These packages are planned to add joy and warmth to your vacation.


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