IRCTC PNR Status Enquiry Made Easy
18.09.2014 10:36

                                           IRCTC PNR Status | Image Resource : emoretech.com

Every passenger has a unique PNR number associated with his ticket. This PNR number includes all travel related information and hence gives an easy way to access this information. All the details like the train number, date of journey and reservation status is uniquely determined through a unique PNR number. The IRCTC PNR Status enquiry is therefore, an easy way to get all travel related information under a single framework without any hassle or inconvenience.

A Rejuvenated IRCTC

The IRCTC has been updated recently in order to increase its capacity to handle online traffic. Earlier the operation on the site were quite slow and inefficient although with the installation of new servers and a new interface the overall experience of the IRCTC website has been completely transformed.

The website now is able to handle more than 3000 reservations simultaneously and even a larger number of enquiries. The interface of the new website is much more interactive and user-friendly. A number of redundant options have been removed and replaced by an integrated list. The new website is a much more compact framework and hence is much easier to operate.

The security of the registered users has also been substantially enhanced. To protect against spamming on the website which decreases its productivity checks have been introduced at various levels of the enquiry and reservation processes. Only genuine users can access the facilities of the website. IRCTC gives the quickest updates on PNR status as the IRCTC PNR enquiry system is integrated with the reservation system.


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