Holiday Packages For Ladakh- Our Very Own Switzerland in Our Backyard
22.03.2014 16:57

                           Holiday Packages For Ladakh | Image Resource : royalindianholidays.com

To compare Ladakh with Switzerland would be apt. But even the beauty of the urban European country cannot quite account for the pristine beauty of this land. Popularly referred to as the ‘Land of High Passes’, most of the navigable roads of the region are under Border Roads Organization. To reach Ladakh you could use the route from Manali and from Srinagar. A chunk of the tourists who come here in Leh and Ladakh with customized Holiday Packages for Ladakh are the adventure seekers who have trekking in their agenda among the majestic mountains of the region. The climate here is favorable in the summers when the temperature never exceeds 27 degrees but in the winters, the climate can be quite extreme with temperatures falling up to minus 20 degrees.

People visit Ladakh with different motives; some aim to have the adventure tourism while some head to Ladakh for pilgrimage. There are some unique species of animals too in Ladakh which will not be found anywhere else in the country. For the pilgrims, the places of interests are at Zanskar, the Padum, the Stongdey and the Zangla. From the Zanskar one could view the ‘Drang –Drung’ glacier which is most magnificent to look at. There are many ancient monasteries here which dates centuries back but are still active and keep Buddhism alive in this part of the world. For the thrill seekers, one could trek, raft or do mountain climbing but should be done under the commendable professional supervision. Book Holiday Packages for Ladakh and the rewards are endless.


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