Dubai Airport – The World-Class Features Awaiting Passengers
21.05.2014 15:46

                               Dubai Airport | Image Resource : caa.gov.qa

Dubai Airport is an international airport, serving basically the city of Dubai. Being the major airline hub in the Middle East region, it is the major airport in Dubai and nearby areas. The airport is located at Al Garhoud district of Dubai, which is about 4.6 km away from the Dubai city. The airport is now operated by Dubai Airports Company and it is considered to be the base air station for the international airlines of Dubai such as the Emirates, FlyDubai and Emirates SkyCargo.

It is the largest airline hub for the Emirates group since Emirates handles almost around 64 percent of the total passenger traffic through the Dubai International Airport. Emirates also accounts for almost 50% of the total flight movement from this airport. The airport is also serving as the base for the budget airliner, FlyDubai, which now handles almost 10.7 percentage of the passenger traffic through this airport.

Dubai Airport now consists of 3 terminals and is has a capacity of handling about 80 million passengers in a year. Terminal three is the large among the terminals, which is known to be the airport terminal with the largest floor area in the entire world. As per the latest statistics available, almost 7,000 flights are operated by 140 airlines weekly through this air base, to almost 230 destinations all over the world, except Antarctica. Also in addition to being a leading passenger travel hub, the Dubai International Airport is the fifth busiest cargo airport, which now handles about 2.44 million tons as per the last year’s statistics.


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