Checking Indian Railways Train Timetable
17.09.2014 16:20

                                               Train Timetable | Image Resource : pnr-status.net

Indian Railways is a very renowned rail travel service provider, which is the fourth largest rail network in the world. There are about twenty million passengers traveling in Indian Railways trains daily and about twenty thousand trains are operated by Indian Railways on a daily basis. Passengers can now easily access rail services through online at the IRCTC website.

Train Time Table

The print copy of train timetable by Indian Railways is available at all major railway stations. The cost of the latest edition timetable is Rs. 40 and it is named as Trains At a Glance. The information in the booklet is made in English and Hindi. There are plenty of regional versions of train timetable are also available at different states in India.

As of late, there are online train timetables also available so that passengers can easily access the information through internet. Online timetables are fairly easy to search and comprehensive information related to each trains are available online in easy to access tabs. You can log on to the IRCTC website to gather information related to trains and also to check availability of seat reservation.

Online Ticket Booking

Apart from railway timetable, a majority of the people make use of the train ticket reservation online feature now. It is a very user-friendly option, which is available at the IRCTC website. Anyone can access the portal and those who are having a user ID and password can log on to the feature-rich railway services page. Getting user ID and password is so easy through a one-time registration process.

On logging on to the service page, you can access the train search field and enter the destination and date of travel to search for trains. Once after spotting a comfortable schedule, you can check for the seat availability in different classes. If reservation is open, then you can easily go ahead and book your ticket in a few simple steps without any hassle and print the ticket directly from the website itself.


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