Checking for IRCTC Seat Availability Online
17.09.2014 16:51

                                IRCTC Seat Availability | Image Resource : indianrail.gov.in/

Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. Almost twenty million passengers travel in the railways every day and more than twenty thousand trains are operated by the railways daily. Even though there are plenty of trains running, it is not easy for the passengers to secure a railway ticket for outstation journey.

Checking Seat Availability

For those who are planning for a rail travel trip, it is essential to do reservation well ahead of time in order to ensure a ticket reservation. Ticket booking can be done through a variety of modes now. The easiest option for ticket booking is online booking, which is used by thousands of passengers on a daily basis.

IRCTC is the subsidiary department of Indian Railways which his offering railway catering and tourism initiatives. However, nowadays IRCTC is well known among the passengers for its online features on offer. The most user-friendly option available through the website is the IRCTC seat availability check and doing online reservation.

Ticket Reservation

Apart form checking the IRCTC ticket availability, seat reservation can also be done through online without any hassle. For this, you need to have a personal log in at the IRCTC website, which can be done through a one –time registration. Once done, you can log on to the website with the confidential ID and password to get access to the IRCTC online facilities.

While planning for rail travel, always make sure that you do your booking well ahead in time in order to ensure a confirmed reservation. Rail travel is highly in demand in India and all passengers are on the look out for railway reservation. Try to book your tickets at least one month prior to travel. For emergency travel needs, you can check for the Tatkal reservation facility which is open 48 hours prior to the schedule.


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