Centralized Ticket Booking System Of Indian Railways
21.08.2014 12:32

                                      Railway PNR status | Image Resource : article.wn.com

Indian Railways ticket reservation system is renewed lately to a more user-friendly and effective mechanism. Now, all the tickets are booked through a centralized ticket booking server, which is located at the Rail Bhavan in Delhi. With this centralized reservation system now, the confusion regarding the old quota-based ticket booking is no more there now.

Railway PNR status

While doing ticket booking through the centralized reservation, passengers get a PNR number, which is a 10-digit unique code. You have to make a note of this number for any further follow-ups in your ticket reservation. Railway PNR status check is now available online at the IRCTC website.

Ticket reservation

Apart from the conventional modes of railway ticket booking, now the most advanced online ticket booking features is also available through the IRCTC website. The users can simply log on to the website and make a registration to avail all railway services through online. Railway time table, reservation availability, reservation status, cancellation features etc. are available in the IRCTC sites.

Once if you are planning to book a train ticket, you can do it at the earliest as rail tickets are highly in demand in India. Almost all the rail routes are busy throughout the year and all the trains are full. Booking is open 60 days prior to the scheduled departure date, so ticket booking can be planned well ahead in time.

Even on not getting confirmed tickets, you can book railway tickets at the RAC (reservation against cancellation) or WL (Waitlisted) categories. Keep on checking the PNR status to get the updates about change in your ticket booking status, whether it is getting confirmed or not. With an RAC ticket you can board on to the train, but with WL tickets, you cannot board a train despite it getting confirmed or changing to RAC before the journey time.


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